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Sebastian Steinhardt
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Suite for Panflute and Piano in four movements

Sebastian Steinhardt is by far the youngest composer represented in my publishing house. I got to know him during a panflute course in Remscheid in the year 2000; he was standing out not only as a talented panflute player but also as piano player and composer. Steinhardt was born in 1982 into a musical family, his father being a trumpet player and his mother being a singer. Already during the times in the elementary school he showed first interests in composing, his brother being a drummer inspired him to experiment with this instrument, and he started his education on the piano at the age of ten. Soon he was visiting master classes for piano.

His interest for the panflute - as interpret and composer for this instrument - started mainly in the year 2000, when he got to know the panflute players Damian Luca, Matthias Schlubeck and me during a panflute master class in Remscheid.

As pupil of the Landesmusikgymnasiums Rheinland-Pfalz (Internat) he is regularly participating in projects for chamber music, bands and big bands, and he is engaged in concerts and CD recordings. He already won several awards as composer and piano player:

- November 2000, 2nd prize at the national competition "Jugend Jazzt", Piano.

- Spring 2001, 2nd prize at the composer's competition Bach 2000.

- September 2001, 2nd Prize at the composer's competition in Siegburg.

I am sure that we will hear much more of Sebastian Steinhardt in the future, and I am glad having engaged him as composer for the panflute.
Ulrich Herkenhoff

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