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Peter Schiffers
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The book contains duets from Israel, Germany, Russia, Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia and France.
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The book contains duets from France, Germany, Sweeden, Mexico, Cina, Japan and others
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Price incl. tax: Euro 15.00

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Price incl. tax: Euro 18.00

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Peter Schiffers, born 1941, studied flute and compositions in Salzburg and Hamburg. Currently he is teaching flute and panflute at the music school of Wolfsburg.

As flute player and arranger of the "Folklore Trio Nehama Hendel" he participated in concert tours to Israel, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands. Additionally he took part in several broadcasts and recordings.

His compositions are again and again dedicated towards the flute and panflute, but he also composed the music for a musical, an opera, pieces for string orchestra, songs and theatre music, as well as quartets.