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Wolfgang Hofmann
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MU 005/Euro 12.00

MU 017/Euro 16.00

Florian Noetzel/Euro 6.00

Wolfgang Hofmann was born in Karlsruhe in 1922. He started his musical career in 1939 as violinist of the Gewandhausorchester. Following several years of interruption due to the war and captivity he acted as concertmaster in Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern and Salzburg. In 1959 he became artistic leader of the Palatine chamber orchestra. Since 1987 he lives as composer in Mannheim. His activities as violinist and conductor were influencing his style of composing; he is explaining this style in his book "Goldener Schnitt und Komposition". His works include all musical genres, from opera to chamber music.

The following pieces for panflute of Wolfgang Hofmann are published:

- "Psalm ohne Worte / Psalm without Words" for Panflute and Organ/Piano, MUSCAL-VERLAG Ulrich Herkenhoff

- "Konzertante Fantasie für Panflöte und vierzehn Solostreicher / Concerto-Fantasia for Panflute and fourteen Soloist String Players"

- "Rumänische Rhapsodie für Panflöte und Zupforchester / Rumanian Rhapsodie for Panflute and Picking-Orchestra"

- "Skizzen" for Panflute and Guitar, Florian Noetzel Musikverlag

- "Fünf Chansons für Panflöte und Klavier / Five Chansons for Panflute and Piano", MUSCAL-VERLAG Ulrich Herkenhoff

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