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Roar Engelberg
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Engelberg's interest in music for panflute was aroused at the age of eleven when he heard a radio program with music for that instrument.
Both the music - a Romanian and a gypsy melody - and the instrument's sound greatly moved him.
It was not easy for a lad from Romedal in hedmark to acquire an authentic instrument, but Roar found one in a Hamar music shop.
He taught himself melodies gleaned from records, and when a touring Romanian ensemble came to Norway with the eminent panflute player Nicolae Pirvu, Roar heard and met this specialist and played for him after a concert. This encounter led to free instruction and the acquisition of a quality instrument.
Roar Engelberg later obtained a formal musical education. in 1989 he took his diploma examination at the Hilversum Conservatory in the Netherlands with the highest distinction.
Since then, he has toured such various places like Scandinavia, Japan and the USA in addition to numerous appearances in radio and TV.