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Ulrich Herkenhoff: Easy Violin No. 1
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MU-V-001 / Euro 18.00

Dear violin students!

For quite a while I had the idea to publish musical pieces for beginners, produced in an attractive and entertaining way. The following book “Easy Violin” no. 1 is the result of this idea. I was aiming for compiling a small set of really easy pieces, as much as possible arranged in an original and in a musical sense attractive playback version, so that it must be a pleasure for you to play in a group or on your own together with the CD.

On the CD you can find each piece twice; first the “complete” version including the violin to give you examples, then the playback version without violin for play-along. The sheet music is reduced to the essentials in order for you to learn the melody easier. Thus, I did not write down the exact notes of the CD version with all repetitions, breaks for interludes and introductions, etc. Instead, following the melody there is a short description of the flow that you can use for orientation, provided that you do not already play the tune from memory according to the recording.

Finally, I hope that you have as much fun while working with these book as I had fun and pleasure to arrange and record these pieces!