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Ulrich Herkenhoff: My first Panpipes-Sheetbook
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Dear Panflute-Instructors !

The idea for this sheet music and a „panflute for children“ was born during fundamental considerations in which way the panflute could be used during early musical education. Because already the visual effect of the structure appears logical, children often intuitively understand the principal of the panflute. In addition, ideally they play by ear as if they would sing. In contrast to the recorder they can start playing without having to learn abstract finger positions and they can spontaneously be responsive to what their “inner voice” is “singing” in their head.

About one year ago my students and I started to think about which range a panflute for children should have to be ideal for early musical education. The result was D2-G3, e.g. a range of 1½ octaves, in which the tones can be produced easily. This also allows playing several tunes in two different keys without requiring accidentals. The panflute is still constructed in its traditional key of G-major.

On the CD every tune is recorded twice, first the „complete version“ including the panflute and serving as an example, and then the playback version without the panflute to let the children play this part. In canons always the second panflute is missing in the playback version. Ideally you would play these canons with a minimum of three pupils without the CD.

This sheet music is not a teaching book for panflute but a small collection of different tunes supporting committed musical teachers to integrate the panflute for children in their musical lessons.

Ulrich Herkenhoff

Samples book 1, Ulrich Herkenhoff - Panpipes : 1 - 2 - 3

Samples book 2, Ulrich Herkenhoff - Panpipes : 1 - 2 - 3